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Atoll Editions was founded by Tim Godfrey, while working as a diving instructor and dive guide in the Maldives. The first product was Dive Maldives, A Guide to the Maldives Archipelago, by Tim Godfrey published in 1996. Dive Maldives included history, maps and details of atolls, islands and diving sites in all the resort atolls at the time – North Malé, South Malé, Ari, Felidhe, Faadhippolhu and Addu Atolls. The first edition sold out within months and in 1998 a 2nd edition, with additional information on South Maalhosmadulu Atoll, was published in English, French, Italian and German.

As the resorts and popularity of the Maldives as a diving destination expanded, a fully revised 3rd edition of Dive Maldives was released in 2006 along with additional diving maps and information on North Maalhosmadulu, North and South Nilandhe, and Mulaku Atolls. A revised 3rd edition (English Language only) with atoll maps of the remaining atolls was published in 2018, and an updated 4th edition (English Language only) was published in 2023.

Photo Guide to Fishes of the Maldives, by Rudie Kuiter, the most comprehensive book on fishes in the region, was first published in 1998 and remained in print until the 2nd edition: Fishes of the Maldives Indian Ocean, By Rudie Kuiter & Tim Godfrey, with additional information on the sharks and rays, was published in 2014. The book was updated with corrections in 2018.

Marine Life of the Maldives, by Neville Coleman was first published in English in 2000. An updated second edition in English, German, French and Italian was published in 2004. In 2019, Marine Life of the Maldives Indian Ocean, was fully updated in all languages with additional information on corals by Tim Godfrey, Tom Bridge and Charlotte Moritz. 

Fish Field Guide Maldives and Marine Life Field Guide Maldives, two foldout posters featuring the top 200+ species, were printed in 8 languages in 2015. 

Atlas of the Maldives, by Tim Godfrey, first started as Malways, Maldives Island Directory in 1996, and in keeping pace with rapid changes occurring in the atolls of the Maldives, a 2nd and 3rd edition were published in 1998 and 1999 respectively. Atlas of the Maldives 4th edition, was published in 2004, and the 5th edition in 2009. Atlas of the Maldives 6th edition was fully revised and updated with additional information in 2018.

Maldives Divers and Travellers Map (North, Central and Southern Atolls) and Resort Map of the Maldives are periodically updated. 

A change in documenting marine life from tropical to temperate waters, resulted in the publication of Shore life of the Great Ocean Road, by Tim Godfrey and Sally McPhee, and Shore life of the Great Ocean Road Marine Field Guide in 2022. 

Products are available from selected outlets in the Maldives, UK and Australia and will continue to be made available online. 

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Other Books & Products

Fishes of the Maldives eBook

Atlas of the Maldives eBook

Marine Life of the Maldives eBook – Divers & Snorkellers Guide

Updated for 2019 – Marine Life of the Maldives – Indian Ocean

This new edition of a much sought after book, features new species name updates, a new introduction and revised classification changes by leading Marine Biologists; Tom Bridge, Charlotte Moritz and Tim Godfrey.

The new 4th edition (2023) of Dive Maldives is a detailed guide to diving the atolls of the Maldives Archipelago with information on over 350 dive sites and maps based on the author’s personal research over 30 years.

Shore Life Of The Great Ocean Road is a geo-marine coastal guide for hikers, beach lovers and reef explorers wanting to learn more about our dynamic coast during their Great Ocean Road journey.

Over 300 pages of stunning fish photography, concise expert information, diagrams and easy to reference icons. Written by a Marine Biologist Tim Godfrey and and Marine Expert, Rudi Kuiter. This new edition now features Sharks and Rays.

This 6th edition of Atlas of the Maldives has been fully revised and updated to reflect the many changes occurring on both land and at sea since the last edition in 2007.

Features include dive sites, surfing sites, mangroves, turtle and bird nesting islands, protected marine areas and a complete island index with a new grid referencing system.

A comprehensive marine life identification guide on the Maldives with over 1000 photographs. An easy to use visual reference for reef walkers, snorkelers, and scuba divers.

This book covers a wide range of the most commonly seen invertebrates and illustrates the extraordinary diversity and colour of the Maldives natural environment.

The new maps feature: guest house islands, mangroves, wetlands and lakes, turtle nesting islands, bird resting islands; as well as updated resorts, dive sites, surf sites, protected marine areas, archaeological sites and shipwrecks.

Maps are waterproof, tear-proof and durable.

The Top 200+ species of marine invertebrates, plants, mammals and reptiles of the Maldives.

Includes a silhouette of each animal for easy identification, details including depth range, size, distribution, IUCN Red List status, page reference to the book and a check box for recording species.

A companion guide to the book Fishes of the Maldives, Indian Ocean. Includes a silhouette of each fish for easy identification, details including depth range, size, distribution, IUCN Red List status, page reference to the book and a checkbox for recording species.

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DIVED UP (UK & Europe)

Updated: Fishes of the Maldives – Indian Ocean.

New sections include sharks and rays. See below for more information.

Unique to the Maldives – Fishes of the Maldives Indian Ocean

Stunning photographs and concise descriptions showcase creatures specific to the Maldives. Other books often show pictures and species that are not known in the Maldives. The Fishes of the Maldives however, will help you identify precisely what you have seen in the ocean.

Over 2 years of research

Not just a new edition – a vastly improved and thoroughly researched and updated book. New sections include Sharks and Rays as well as 93 updated species.

Used by marine biologists

This publication is both used by, and informed by, the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Whether you are a leisure diver, marine enthusiast or a professional biologist this edition is a must.